Read how this applet is being used to help children with special needs.
Follow the simple steps below to create an animation
1) Show the animation panel

2) Pose the face below
3) Click this button to add a snapshot of the face to the palette 4) In the animation panel, drag a face from the palette to the timeline to place animation keyframes 5) Click this button and watch the face act out your animation!

6)Show comprehensive help
RESET    noise
frightened kiss disappointed sleeping
annoyed surprised happy arrogant angry talk

lines    3D shading


brows '_` BROWS up  mid down
and @+=- OPEN wideopensquintshut
lids tcb LIDS UP up  mid down
  l.r LEFT/RIGHT   leftmid right
gaze u:d UP/DOWN up  mid down
  <!> LEFT/RIGHT leftmid right
head ^~v UP/DOWN up  mid down
  \|/ TILT leftmid right
mouth   meoO OPEN mmm eh  ah oh
  paw WIDE pucker middle wide
  snf SMILE smile  middle frown
  ixhz SNEER relax  middle sneer
Left side only     Right side only