Java 1.1 3D renderer

This directory contains all of the support code that implements a 3D renderer. Feel free to use it for academic purposes (you just need to give proper attribution). If you want to use it commercially, you'll need to contact us.

Programmers: To use this package, (i) grab the source files below into a folder named 'render', (iii) cd to the parent folder, and (iv) type 'javac render/*.java'. Then you can write applets in the parent folder that extend RenderApplet. Make sure to declare "import render.*;" at the top of your applet. For examples of usage, look at the gesturing fiend, ice cube, animated head and bouncing gold thingie.

The Application Programmers Interface is here.

Last updated 02/10/2004
  Added InteractiveRenderer and Interactive Buffer 

Last updated 11/15/2003
  Improved Material threading
  Color naming standardized

Last updated 10/17/2003
  Standardized keyboard and mouse controls for RenderPanel and JPanel

Last updated 10/15/2003
  Added processCommand function to handle external inputs
  Added getPoint function to locate points in world space

Last updated 9/18/2003
  Added complete camera controls

Last updated 8/12/2003
  Added texture mapping