This file describes what the stick figure will look like.
It uses custom tags that will be read by the TagsVector
class which is covered later.

   <!! Example of a Kinematic Virtual Machine description>
   <object name="StickFigure">
      The description begins by moving to the starting point and
      defining the pelvis in absolute coordinates
      <moveTo  xyz="50,45,0">
      <joint   name="pelvis">
      The legs are then defined in coordinates relative to
      the pelvis
      <local> This tag starts a relative coordinate system
         <lineTo xyz="-6,0,0">
         <joint name="left hip">   <lineTo xyz="0,23, 0">
         <joint name="left knee">  <lineTo xyz="0,22, 0">
         <joint name="left ankle"> <lineTo xyz="0, 0,-5">
      </local> This tag returns to the pelvis

         <lineTo xyz="6,0,0">
         <joint name="right hip">   <lineTo xyz="0,23, 0">
         <joint name="right knee">  <lineTo xyz="0,22, 0">
         <joint name="right ankle"> <lineTo xyz="0, 0,-5">
      The waist and chest are defined from the pelvis
      <lineTo xyz="0,-5,0">
      <joint name="waist"> <lineTo xyz="0,-10,0">
      <joint name="chest"> <lineTo xyz="0,-10,0">
      Then the neck and head
         <joint name="neck"> <lineTo xyz=" 0, -5,0">
         <joint name="head"> <lineTo xyz="-5,-10,0">
	                     <lineTo xyz="10,  0,0">
	                     <lineTo xyz="-5, 10,0">
      And finally the arms
	 <joint name="left clavicle"> <lineTo xyz="-12, 0,0">
	 <joint name="left shoulder"> <lineTo xyz="  0,15,0">
	 <joint name="left elbow">    <lineTo xyz="  0,15,0">
	 <joint name="left wrist">    <lineTo xyz="  0, 3,0">

	 <joint name="right clavicle"> <lineTo xyz="12, 0,0">
	 <joint name="right shoulder"> <lineTo xyz=" 0,15,0">
	 <joint name="right elbow">    <lineTo xyz=" 0,15,0">
         <joint name="right wrist">    <lineTo xyz=" 0, 3,0">