// Parses a tagged file into a Kinematic Virtual Machine
import java.awt.*;
import java.net.*;
import java.util.*;

//The abstract keyword means that you can NOT declare an object of
//this type. Instead, a class must be made which extends this class,
//which the class GraphicFigure does
public abstract class KVMFile extends KVM
   TagsVector tags;
   //This is a function that returns a String from position i in tags
   String tag(int i) { return (String)tags.elementAt(i); }
   double x, y, z;

   KVMFile(URL context, String URLName) {
      //Creating a new TagsVector automatically parses the URL passed to it
      tags = new TagsVector(context, URLName);
      for (int i = 0 ; i < tags.size() ; i++) {
	 //These functions are defined in class KVM
	 if (tag(i).equals("local"))
	 else if (tag(i).equals("/local"))
	 else if (tag(i).equals("joint")) {
	 else if (tag(i).equals("moveTo")) {
	    //Get coordinates and move (moveTo is defined in GraphicFigure)
	    moveTo(x, y, z);
	 else if (tag(i).equals("lineTo")) {
	    //Get coordinates and draw a line (lineTo is defined in GraphicFigure)
	    lineTo(x, y, z);

   //Extracts the x, y and z values to draw the figure using substring()
   void parseXYZ(String xyzS) {
      //indexOf() returns the position of a character in a string
      int c1 = xyzS.indexOf(',');
      String yzS = xyzS.substring(c1+1);
      int c2 = yzS.indexOf(',');

      //Creates a new Double object and converts the substring given into a Double
      x = (new Double(xyzS.substring(0, c1))).doubleValue();
      y = (new Double( yzS.substring(0, c2))).doubleValue();
      z = (new Double( yzS.substring(c2+1 ))).doubleValue();