The Feast of Santa Menorah!

Yes indeed, it is that time of year again, when little children everywhere set Santa and his eight tiny reindeer afire with the traditional festive holiday candles. So soon already!

Everybody sing together (to the tune of "Summer in Saskatchewan"):

Santa Menorah's on its way
Dance for joy and keep the promise
Ignite a Reindeer every day
Santa's such a jolly Shamos!

Leaping lightly 'cross the sky
Those flaming reindeer never quit
But Santa is our hero guy
That jolly elf is always lit!

How to make a Flaming Antler (the official drink of Santa Menorah):

Mix Jameson, whipped cream, and ice in a shaker.
Pour into a tumbler or stemmed glass.
Top off with Bailey's.
Sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon.

Good luck and drink responsibly!!!

Copyright Liz and Ken Perlin, 2004