Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the Internet Bubble...

Edible Business Cards is not just another e-business. Our customers are our family. Like most families, we will sometimes disagree, maybe quarrel over small things, perhaps even resort to physical violence or ritual assassination of beloved pets. All just part of the family-style closeness that we try to foster here.

So welcome to the EBC customer family, where, thanks to our robo-cookie client-crawler technology, you are even now being logged into our database, not just as another faceless consumer, but rather as a unique individual, with your own lifestyle needs and preferences. Remember our motto:

At Edible Business Cards, we know where you live!

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Now with our patented ZeroClick® electronic shopping cart technology!


  • edible business cards
your client will remember you for days and days!
  • 11½ inch ruler
simulates relativistic Lorenz contraction at low cost!
  • c-me-c-me
web protocol lets two or more people watch themselves while talking!
  • 91 degree t-square
because 91 is a prime number!
  • marblized white-out
compare side-by-side with boring old "white" white-out!
  • rubber pendulum for grandfather clock
explore the physics of non-rigid objects, while nearly keeping time!
  • permanent marker leads for mechanical pencils
for the confident artist!
  • tinted scuba goggles
simulates night dives!
  • black lite reading lamp
tan while you cram!
  • glow in the dark burgler kit
never lose that jimmy-set again!
  • bouyant fishing hook
impossible to lose!
  • unbreakable piñada
lasts years; use it over and over!

Lickable iMacs!

Offered exclusively by Edible Business Cards.
Comes in all your favourite flavors: blueberry, strawberry, lime, licorice and vanilla.
Great for office parties!!!

Now, with our software-only tongulator interface (patent pending), you can try these delicious flavors from your very own web browser (compatible with all java-enabled browsers).

This really works. So go ahead, don't be shy. Lick your screen. Nobody's watching...


  • Listening to your Inner Ear
spiritual help for the out-of-balance

more to come soon!


  • Can't Stop the Download
the fave rave of the zine-scene!

More to come soon!