I was at the Casual Games Summit of the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose on March 23, 2004 when Scott Kim got up to deliver a talk about good design in casual games (you know, the kind of small puzzle game that you play when you have commitment issues with Ultima Online, etc.).

I was inspired to open up my notebook computer in the back of the room and implement a casual puzzle game then and there. After about half an hour I had the first level finished, and during the break I showed that level to some speakers, who suggested that we show it during the session after the break. So in the next 40 minutes I completed all the levels, and ended up with what you see to the right.

I call it an "extreme" casual game because I wrote it in one sitting. I am eager for feedback. Is it too easy? Too hard? Too confusing? Drop me an email if you have a thought. Don't hold back...

-Ken Perlin

Goal: Make all the boxes the same color.

Instructions: Click on the boxes to change their color.
Instructions: Drag the mouse to rotate the view.