Rabbit with Eggs

This was just a silly little Java applet that I made one year for Google as their Easter holiday feature. I thought it would be really cool to link the theme of the Easter Bunny and the idea of an egg hunt, with its connotations of "searching", to the minimalist multi-colored Google iconography, which I think is extremely elegant and pretty. So I made a "search" game - you have to help the Easter Bunny get eggs into his basket. But you have to do it in the proper order, so that the eggs spell out the word "Google".

For me it was mostly a design challenge - making the applet as visually simple as possible, while still capturing the "inner bunny" in a way that would properly convey his his singular struggle, his eternal perserverence, his existential triumph. Maybe I'm overthinking this...

Anyway, I didn't want to make it too difficult, because an awful lot of people use Google, and most of them are not serious gamers, merely seekers after knowledge and truth.

You can click on the image at right to link to the game, which also runs at Google's site.