Desktop movie maker, take 2
(inspired by Luxo Jr.)

Changing the view:

Drag the mouse over the scene.


Hit the hot keys listed in the lower-left menu to make different things happen. For example, type r to make the lamp look at the ball to its right.

Once a hot key action is switched on, you can toggle it off by hitting the same hot key again. For example, if the lamp is looking at the ball on its right, and you hit r again, the lamp will stop looking at the ball.


Drag your mouse over the timeline to set an action for part of the animation.

Hold down DELETE and drag your mouse over the timeline to erase an action.

Time travel:

Hit the SPACE bar to start or pause the animation.

Click on the timeline to jump to any frame.

Or you can navigate by keyboard: RETURN to go to the start of the animation, ← or → to step through time, SHIFT ← or SHIFT → to step faster, < or > to step really fast.