Below are some demonstrations of a shorthand designed for use on pen-based computers. Quikwriting is significantly faster and less stressful to use than Graffiti, and lets you write very quickly without ever picking your stylus up off the surface, although it has the disadvantage that you need to learn a special alphabet. For further info, you can preview a Technote in either PDF or PostScript, which was published at the ACM UIST '98 conference.

You can also check out the discussion thread on Slashdot, and the on-line article in wired.com. - Ken Perlin

 Java demo for version 1.0
DOWNLOAD Palm OS hack Version 1.0
 Original Java demo 


Quikwriting Mailing Lists

If you are interested in receiving announcements regarding future developments of Quikwriting (new versions, bug fixes, etc), please subscribe to quikwrite-announce. This is a one-way announcement list.

If you are interested in participating in a discussion group about Quikwriting (problems, workarounds, feature requests, bug reports, etc), please subscribe to quikwrite-talk. This is an unmoderated discussion list. We will be reading the messages on the list, but we can not guarantee a reponse to each suggestion or bug report. We will keep you informed of our plans a s much as possible.

If you are interested in licensing this technology for commercial use, please contact licensing@cat.nyu.edu.

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