Quikwriting Version 1.0, using Palm OS HackMaster

Quikwriting is by Ken Perlin; the port to the Palm platform was by Jason Yung.

Note: these instructions are for Macs or PCs. If you're running Palm Desktop under UNIX, then presumably you already know what you're doing. :-)


(The Palm Desktop software can be downloaded from the 3com site.)


What you need

To install

Starting Quikwriting on your Palm device

Tips for using Quikwriting

Making your own graffiti-area guide

You may find this version of Quikwriting much easier to use if you put a printed guide over the graffiti area. Version 2.0 will come with such a guide, which will have a physically bezel, so that you can position your pen by feel for heads-up writing. Meanwhile, here's how you can make your own simple guide, as shown in the two photos below of my Palm III.
Palm III with taped-on guide Close-up of taped-on guide

Download the file guide.pdf and print it out. It was designed to print at just the right size to paste into the Graffiti region. Print out the pdf file, cut out the guide with scissors or x-acto knife, tape it onto a two inch long strip of Scotch tape (with the printed side facing the sticky side of the tape), as shown in the photos, and then stick the tape onto the Graffiti area.

IMPORTANT: If you plan to use the printed guide, be sure to configure Quikwriting (see above) so that auto-centering is on.

Quikwriting version 1.0 character guide: