dynamics - physics (graceful transitions betw. actors and havoc)

the world is on the table, but people around the table can open their own little editors (timeline, building, character, etc).

people can configure their own menuse off-line so that they have buttons all set up for them to hit in "play time".

actors should have their own motivations for going places and doing things. goal sets.
this implies: a way to impart or author those goals and motivations.
perhaps direct manipulation to author goals/motivations.

potential for conflict between characters or characters and objects.
car accident - try to cross the street but there's a bus in the way.
scarcity: real estate, paths, clans , clams, oysters, other selfish shellfish.

are we scripting a movie, or is it a "live" simulation or a competitive game? you are manipulating your characters to try to win.
two teams setting up a set of characters.
my characters will take over the world. MOO HA HA!!

real time versus turn taking?
when the human can intervene is turn based - you have a window of opportunity.

how do you interact with the table?
do you have shadows? does it track your hands?
what do menus look like?
what about physcial objects versus images of objects?

You see the map of the world on the table, but you see that actors projected on a screen not on the table.

Look at what everyone else did, rather than naively charging off and reinventing the rubber chicken.

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