Multimedia for Majors
- Ken Perlin,
with Adam Chapman

This course teaches two sorts of things:

  1. How to use professional tools, such as Flash, to create interactive multimedia content;

  2. How to create new or experimental forms of interactive content, using more open ended programming tools such as Java.

We'll be alternating between lectures by me on Java, showing the techniques behind many of the experiments on my home page, and on Flash, etc., by Adam and others.

A list of references and examples for Java and Flash can be found HERE.

You can contact Adam Chapman at, and view Adam's site

Class examples can be viewed here

Audio info from the lecture by Clilly and Kevin can be found at:
Class Roster
Group Assignments
Simple java applets

Extend this Simple 3D renderer.

or Revised 3D renderer.

Code to implement buttons and sliders can be found in my Repel Applet, which we went over earlier in the semester.

Here are the results that people turned in for this assignment.

Here is a fancier 3D example of a morphable car.

Outlines of some lectures:

Semester schedule