Special Topics in Multimedia

Perlin, Kenneth

Graduate Division

Computer Science


This course is going to consist of research projects that you'll be doing, mainly based on ongoing research areas in our lab, and with an eye toward publishing your results.

This class is for experienced programmers who have a level of confidence in their ability to work somewhat independently, to get projects done, and to not be frightened at the prospect of writing down some equations to describe a mathematical model.

You can get a flavor for some of the topics of interest in the demos at my homepage. I will be gradually putting descriptions of your projects on this page. If you haven't sent me your URL yet, please do so!

-Ken Perlin

Student info:

Links to Chris Poultney pages (face applet, etc).

Student info:

Daniel Kristjansson danielk@cat.nyu.edu
Kirill Karpelson Kirill.Karpelson@msdw.com
Lawrence Sanders lhs215@cs.nyu.edu
Harper Langston matthew@cat.nyu.edu
Gee-youn Lee gyl205@nyu.edu
Stephane Sesquin sesquinny@yahoo.com
Jonas Geduldig gedu7777@cs.nyu.edu
Vadim Tesis vadikt@lycos.com
Sonam Z Adinolf-Dinnerstein sza200@nyu.edu
Cleo Bertrand cvb206@nyu.edu
Xin Zhang xinzhang@cs.nyu.edu

Links from Noah's lecture are here.

Link to Pierre Wellner's DIgiDesk paper is: http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/176342.html

Link to zooming with face: mrl.nyu.edu/~crispy/bigface

Table people: Cleo, Stephane, Xin, Laurence,

Face people: Lee, Xin