CSCI-GA.2274-001 - Advanced Computer Graphics

Ken Perlin
60 Fifth Ave, room 261

High level description:

This is a projects based course. We will provide you will all sorts of cool stuff from our Future Reality Lab. You will do several exciting projects, and some literature review. It will be challenging but it will also be fun.

Here is what I expect from you this semester:

  • You will formulate and implement two semester projects.

  • Also, each of you will give a literature review to the class on a topic related to computer graphics, that helps to provide background and insight about your project topic.
Some of the cool stuff:

an Optitrack motion capture stage, Enflux motion capture suits, Sony PSVR, Vive, Vive Trackers, Meta 2 headsets, Hololens, GearVR combined with Vive Trackers via sensor fusion, Tango phones and more.

Each of your projects should contain the following two elements:

  1. One or more topics connected to computer graphics that you wish to explore, and

  2. A scenario of the near technological future that makes use of these topics.

For each project, you are responsible for producing three artifacts:

  1. a written report

  2. a working demo

  3. a well produced video of your working demo

Here is an example of a project that would be acceptable:


  • Drawing in augmented reality
  • Interactive modeling
  • 3D printing
  • Mobile robots

Scenario for this project:

  • Wearing AR glasses, you use your lightpen to draw, over your table, the contour of a vase.
  • You interactively modify the contour of this vase until you like it.
  • You go out to get some flowers for your new vase.
  • A 3D printer prints out the physical vase.
  • A mobile robot carries the vase to the proper location on the table.
  • You return and put the flowers in the vase.