Advanced Computer Graphics, Fall 2016
CIWW 312
Tuesdays 7:10pm-9:00pm

Course description:

This is a very exciting time for computer graphics. Both virtual and augmented reality are about to go mainstream, which means that computer graphics will assume a far more central role in our everyday lives.

This is a capstone course based on newly emerging computer graphics tools and techniques. The course covers a selection of topics that may include virtual and augmented reality, computer animation, gaming, geometric modeling, motion capture, computational photography, tangible interfaces, physically based simulation, scientific visualization, and user interfaces.

You will have access to some very cutting edge resources, and what we end focusing on will depend largely on your interests.

You will be responsible for completing a capstone project, which can be either individual or as a small team. This will include a project proposal, literature review, interim report, project presentation and final report.