Graduate Computer Graphics, Fall 2007
Warren Weaver Hall, Rm 102
Tuesdays at 7-8:50pm

Office hours: Tuesday, 4-5pm

Text: Class notes (so make sure you come to class!), will be posted on-line after each lecture.


Elif Tosun - elif AT cs DOT nyu DOT edu

Discussion list:


Student homework pages:

are here

Setting up a homepage and access to computers:

Most of you have the homepage and computers thing already figured out. For those who don't, here is some helpful info from Nadini Prabhu in our class:

"The webpage can be created by logging into https://home.nyu.edu and clicking on the Files tab on the main page. Creating the page is rather intuitive from thereon. I haven't visited the labs myself as yet but I was told by some seniors that the labs are located on the 5th floor of the Courant institute - Room nos. 502 amd 512."

To post assignments for this class, you should set up a subdirectory of your web site (preferably your NYU web site). Name this subdirectory "graphics". It whould have a main "index.html" file, and that file should link to the various homework assignments. Send me an email, with subject line "graphics", telling me the URL.


Introductory lecture (Sept 11)

Matrix transformations

Lecture Notes
Assignment due Sep 18 before class

Guest lecture by Denis Zorin (Sept 18)

Prof. Zorin's lecture notes are here.

3D Modeling with polygons

Lecture Notes
Assignment due Oct 2 before class

First animation lecture

Notes and assignment due Oct 9 before class

Animating with splines

Notes and assignment due Oct 16 before class

Clipping and starting to shade pixels

Notes and assignment due Oct 23 before class


Notes for assignment due Nov 6 before class

Ray tracing 1

Notes for assignment due Nov 13 before class

Ray tracing 2

Notes for assignment due Nov 20 before class

Texture Mapping (two lectures)

Course notes for texture mapping are here.

To go over what I said in class about the work: from here onward we're going to shift to a more free-form structure, in which you can spend time working on those aspects of things that you find most interesting. Think of it as an informal final project.

The last day to hand in your work is going to be as late as I can make it and still manage to get in a grade for everyone. That looks like it will be around Dec 20, more or less.

Last lecture

We saw and discussed a number of cool and inspiring animations, including John Lasseter's Luxo Jr., Chris Landreth's Ryan, and the following:
TRON (excerpt)
Where The Wild Things Are
The Smell of Horror
An example of Machinima
This will be a weekly reading seminar (students take turns presenting key research papers in the field) with an optional research project to build something, either hardware or software or both.

The seminar is not for credit, but if you would like to build something, then you have the option of taking this as an independent study class.

If you are interested, the most important thing to do now is to send me an email with your schedule constraints. I will schedule the day/time of the seminar based on the emails I receive.