Notes on using JMyron, thanks to Kumar Nair

Dear Professor Perlin,

Here are some JMyron problems and my solutions, hopefully others can read this and have an easier time getting JMyron to work on a PC. I am running JMyron 0025, Processing 0115, and Windows XP.

Problem 1: Don't know how to install JMyron

Solution: Went here and downloaded JMyron0025. PC specific fixes were added in version 0025, so make sure to upgrade to 0025. Okay, then I opened up JMyron0025 folder. It contains 4 items: text document "How to install.txt", folder "JMyron", folder "JMyron" folder "JMyron Examples", folder "Extra DLL's". I followed the steps in the install guide; this entailed the following:

  1. Dragged JMyron folder into Processing/libraries directory
  2. Dragged JMyron Examples folder into Processing/Examples directory
  3. Dragged the two .dll's in Extra DLL's (DSVL.dll and myron_ezcam.dll) into windows/system directory.

Problem 2: Tried to run one of the JMyron examples, received an alert message saying "myron_ezcam.dll not found"

Solution: Need to drag the extra dlls into windows/system. (see above). Also, you probably need to restart processing.

Problem 3: Ran one of the examples, but the video image is scrambled. You probably get this if (like me) you bought a cheap $30 webcam such as Logitch QuickCam.

Solution: The parameters passed to size() are incorrect. The size function is probably called like this: size(320, 240), but your camera does not support this resolution. What you need to do is find out your camera's resolution through one of the following methods:

  1. Check your camera's specs on the side of the box. If you are using a $30 Logitech QuickCam like me, your resolution is 352 by 288. Change size(320, 240) to size(352, 288) and you should be fine.

  2. Run the example called "Myron_fasterSimpleCamera". Is it running? It's probably still scrambled but that's ok. Look in the processing output console (that black area at the bottom of the processing window) and read off your camera's "forced dimensions." These are the parameters you must pass to size() to get a clear image.