From dcl255 <AT> Tue Sep 7 22:02:02 2004

My name is Dino Lee. My e-mail is either dcl255 <AT> or septesix <AT> I'm interested in Computer graphics especially in its simulation and realistic rendering aspect, especially topics dealing with global illumination methods such as ray-tracing, or imagined based rendering and modelling (which I guess is out of the scope of this course).

From Tscott1213 <AT> Tue Sep 7 22:08:23 2004

Hello Professor, I have been teaching myself game programming as a hobby and am currently learning how to build a 3D Game Engine. I am taking this class (and intend to take Advanced Rendering and other graphics classes) in order to have a solid understanding of how real-time graphics programming is done. Optimally, I hope to expand the field of game programming and showcase the new findings in a game. (A cool game!) I enjoyed meeting you briefly at nVidiaU during SigGraph and am looking forward to working with you this semester. Todd (aka William Todd Scott)

From dc898 <AT> Wed Sep 8 00:12:32 2004

Hi, Professor: Since I play a lot of 3D games, I'm interested in learning how to construct 3D models and simulations, that can be used in daily business application, or training material. Also since I've been work with eCommerce website at day time job. I like to learn how to visualized data to get insight of relations from tremendous amount of data in database. Dorren

From adi <AT> Wed Sep 8 00:19:26 2004

This is my homework #1! I'd like to see where algorithmically difficult problems arise - that is, difficulties that aren't due to the number of triangles or points per se, rather due to the complexity of what's needed. For example, do NP-hard problems like set-cover and max clique arise, and if so how are they dealt with. Best wishes Adi Gottlieb adi <AT>

From leijia <AT> Wed Sep 8 11:09:53 2004

Dear Prof. Perlin, I am a Ph.D. student from Chemistry Department currently working on the computational physical chemistry and biology.I would like to audit your course since I can't take that and get the credit.The course is very helpful for me,if I predict it right,and also concluded from your first class. I am studying the DNA damage and repair mechanisms. Basically,I use Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics to simulate the damaged DNA and will also simulate the damaged DNA within the repair enzymes.I also need to visualize the simulated results. That's why computer graphics is so important for me. I can get a trajectory of DNA molecular dynamics simulation on 3D and output movies by scripting with several applications like InsightII and Pymol. But I don't know exactly what's going on within those programs and would like to find better way to enhance the visualization skills. Then I find that listening to your classes is a good idea. Could I be approved by you? Sincerely, Lei Jia Chemistry <AT> NYU 212-998-8228

From CChen <AT> Wed Sep 8 11:58:50 2004

Dear Professor Perlin, So here is my first homework for your graduate graphics class this semester. Name: Chen, Chao. And I use Cecilia as my English name for convenience. I'm a second-year PhD student at CS, Graduate Center, CUNY. I got my Master's at CS, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, doing research on computer vision and image processing, more specifically, color constancy problem and removing shadows from colored photographs. Last fall I came to CUNY, joined the Computer Vision and Graphics Lab supervised by Dr. Ioannis Stamos, working on Photorealistic 3D Modeling urban buildings: My current project is to automatically register partial 3D range scans into a complete 3D model , with user interactions when symmetry presents in buiding structure (in which case the 'best' registration computed might not be the correct one). This system is almost done, and next step would be rending the complete model (which contains only lines and surface planes information) in meshes or volumns while texture-mapping 2D images onto the 3D surfaces, then generating views from different viewpoints, under different illuminations, and maybe with different backgrounds. So this is one of the reasons I'm interested in your class. Till now I've only known a little about graphics through some readings and talks, so I'd like to have a systematic study on graphics concepts and technologies, and make use of them in my future research. Other reasons are, of course I'm interested in colors, movies, animations since very young. I attended your colloquium talk at GC this spring and was fascinated by your projects, especially when I heard that you programmed in java and could achieve fast realtime rendering, which is what my research is aiming at: real-time image-based rendering. I'm sure the experience I'd gain from your class and projects would be valuable. Thanks a lot, - Cecilia

From cocker_ivy <AT> Wed Sep 8 12:30:52 2004

Hi Professor, My goals in this class are: 1. To understand the concepts of all computer graphics terms such as meshing, shading, surface wrapping, anti-alising, dithering, halftone etc... 2. To create graphics simulations for medical, scientific and engineering applications. 3. To create simple interactive computer games. Thanks Anning Chen

From hhk213 <AT> Wed Sep 8 16:45:32 2004

Professor Perlin, My name is Hristian Kirtchev, second year master student. I am mainly interested in graphics because of computer games (since age of 14) and animated movies. I have already taken a graphics course at the George Washington University with John Sybert, but I was somewhat unsatisfied. Besides when one of the big names in graphics teaches a course, it's a must have! :-) I also took a game programming course and wrote a 3D Pacman game. Hristian

From maverick1194 <AT> Wed Sep 8 18:51:18 2004

Hello Dr. Perlin, My name is Jonathan Fried and this is the first assignment in your Computer Graphics course (G22.2270-001). I'm interested in graphics because I have been a video gamer since Nintendo came out and I was able to manipulate a controller at age 6. By college, I was playing more advanced games of course. I always wantd to see past the illusion that was protrayed in games, and recently, in movies, to see exactly how these bunches of pixels worked. I took my first grpahics course in undergrad last semester and loved it. I got an A. We used OpenGL's utilities and programmed in C on a unix system. We made objects like chairs and tables and at the end of the semester had built a whole room, complete with lighting, and I made it so the camera could move around. That is, I made it so the camera could move strafe right and left, turn right and left, and look up and down, and move forward in any direction the camera was facing, and backwards as well. I still have the code if you'd like to see it in action. Jonathan Fried

From kelly <AT> Thu Sep 9 00:41:50 2004

Hi Prof. Perlin, As per your directions, here is a little bit about me and why I'm in your course (Graduate Graphics - G22.2270-001): I have been working in the computer graphics field for about eight years as an all-around 3D artist/animator/TD/modeler as well as industrial design modeling specialist. I've worked on animated films, commercials, TV pilots, video games, and many industrial design projects. I have worked primarily as a production artist, but it is always the problem solving and creation of new methods and techniques that I find to be most interesting. My background is in both the arts and sciences. I studied physics and engineering, but have an undergraduate degree in Art History. I also make paintings, photographs, and sculpture. I am in the Master's CS program (and your class specifically) to expand my knowledge and skill set to encompass the world of graphics programming and tool building - to get "under the hood" so to speak. I'm relatively new to programming, but I am doing more and more everyday. I finished the PAC series last year, and judging by the information on your previous course pages, I should have a challenging and stimulating time in your class. With regards to what I'd be interested in exploring in your class, the syllabus seems fairly comprehensive ( I wouldn't expect to cover a whole lot more than that in one course). I pretty much know what each term means just through practical experience, but I'm excited to be able to implement these ideas on my own. If there is time, I hope you might touch on some of the current "hot" topics in the field (eg. indirect lighting, HDRI, Subsurface Scattering, etc.) or at least point in the direction to get more informed about them. Also, I am not particularly interested in games per se, but I am fascinated by harnessing GPU power for frame rendering. I'm excited to be taking your class, and I hope this information helps you. Sincerely, Kelly Chang

From alex <AT> Thu Sep 9 13:18:04 2004

Hello, my name is Alexander Sverdlov, and I'm in your Grad Computer Graphics class. I'm interested in graphics... because of games. Games got me into computer science to begin with (when I played Wolfenstain3D, and then DOOM, I thought "wow, how did they manage to fit that whole world into a floppy disk!", so I got myself a C book and started learning).

From dh916 <AT> Thu Sep 9 16:19:39 2004

Dear professor Perlin, my name is David Henry, and I was in your graduate Computer Graphics lecture on the 7th ( Tuesday ). I enjoyed it very much, and have been looking forward to your course for some time! This is my first semester at NYU. I already have some deal of background in computer graphics, have read a great deal, and have implemented various 3D projects to varying success. Two of which include a ( good looking! ) American M60 tank simulator in openGL, and a much larger RPG game, which got as far as a basic world representation and GUI, also in openGL. I like graphics a lot, and frequent daily. I am currently working with jogl on a new project, which is actually a family tree program. I'm hoping to learn a lot from your course with regard to best practises, and best decisions / considerations for building a graphics engine or system. I would particularly like to cover such things as bump-mapping, normal mapping, and other modern techniques. Also, it would be extremely interesting to learn how far software implementations can go, on today's average home system, if possible within the scope of your class. Yours sincerely, David Henry

From jonathan <AT> Fri Sep 10 16:34:56 2004

Hi Prof. Perlin-- My grad graphics raison d'=EAtre: I'm interested in shared collaborative environments where construction=20= and extension are integral parts of the interactive model. These things mostly show up as "games" today, but I believe they're a=20 more general type. I'm particularly inspired by the possibilities for=20 teaching kids with such tools -- things like Alan Kay's Squeak=20 environment. -Jonathan Miller=

From yunxian.ho <AT> Fri Sep 10 17:11:35 2004

Computer Graphics course Assignment 1: I am interested in computer graphics because it is an important part of what I study. I am a graduate student in the Psychology Department at NYU with a focus in visual perception. I am currently working on a project on 3-d texture perception. More specifically, the topic of my study is roughness. To test how people perceive roughness, we use a 3-d rendering package to create "rough surfaces" of varying roughness and varying lighting conditions and then ask people to judge the roughness of these surfaces. In order for our results to be qualified, it is absolutely essential that the rendered stimuli we present on our monitors is close enough to real world stimuli as possible. This way, we can retain control over the stimuli without sacrificing its integrity. Therefore, I am particularly interested in (1) learning more about ray-tracing, (2) learning more about how rough surfaces are captured in industry today, (3) learning the algorithms that currently exist for texture mapping models and (4) possibly ultimately developing better ones. --xian _____________________ yun-xian ho yunxian.ho <AT> 917.374.7598

From satkin <AT> Sat Sep 11 12:48:11 2004

My name is Chris Quackenbush. I'm interested in computational geometry and I've been working on a program to model regular polytopes in high space (4-D, 5-D, 16-D...). So I'm interested in graphics for this reason. _Chris

From kaxy330 <AT> Sat Sep 11 19:14:24 2004

Student name: Katerina Melen I'm interested in graphics because that's pretty much what I want to do for a living. Also the only reason I went to grad school was to learn more about graphics. I am a creative person and I think computer graphics make a good combination of creative and practical.

From tl446 <AT> Sun Sep 12 01:40:33 2004

Dear prof. Perlin, Hi, my name is Tammy Lee and my email address is tl446 <AT> The reason why I am taking this course is somewhat simple. I like movie so much. Whenever the new movie comes, I go to the nearest theater and enjoy the movie except horror movies. And I also heard about you from one of my friends. He said that you are a intelligent and great teacher. I have no background or experience with graphics. But I am so interested in this course and my undergraduate major is mathematics. So I think it will fine to take this course and I hope to have fun with this course. Thanks, Tammy

From mf799 <AT> Sun Sep 12 11:33:42 2004

Name: Michal Fisher Program: MSIS Hi Professor, To be completely honest, I am interested in this class mainly because I don't know anything about computer graphics and would really like to learn, and I am fascinated by the abilities done with it today in the movie industry, in animation. Michal

From taf222 <AT> Sun Sep 12 14:31:31 2004

Personally, I'm extremely interested in video game graphics. Both interactive graphics and in the work that goes into making cut-scenes. I'm also interested in the Computer Graphics that go into making movies, especially the methods of integrating the computer graphics within actual filmed footage. I'm also sort of interested in the advancements in graphics cards, what is changed in the different models, and what the future holds (such as how Alienware is now threading graphics information between 2 graphics cards in their new machines) Teobaldo A Fernandez taf222 <AT>

From shc295 <AT> Sun Sep 12 22:48:22 2004

The Assignment 0 for Graduate Computer Graphics Name: Shih-Heng Chin Hi, I'm Shih-Heng Chin and this is my first year in NYU and U.S. I am mainly interest in computer, math and art especially in movie, so I take this advanced course in my first semester. With Computer Science background, I had some knowledge about computer graphics already, so I want to get some more real experience on how to combine art and technology in the course. I assisted Professor Chiang ( during the last year of undergraduate and last year when I was a T.A. for some C++ and OpenGL programming and little research in the area of constraint geometry, so if you have any need for programming in graphics related, I am a good choice for you! Sincerely, Shih-Heng Chin

From dvo203 <AT> Mon Sep 13 00:28:26 2004

Hello Professor, My name is Dmitriy Ofenbakh, and I'm tacking your Computer Graphics Class. I'm tacking this class because I'm interested in 3D modeling. I'm planning to apply the knowledge obtained in this course, to asist in modelling of the research results should the need arise. In addition, I used to experiment with 3D graphics, and I think I will enjoy the class. This is basically it. I'm looking forward to the course. Sincerely, Dmitriy Ofenbakh.

From logie <AT> Mon Sep 13 01:25:22 2004

Professor Perlin, Here is the email that you requested in class last Tuesday: When I was an undergraduate, my school purchased some fancy new VR equipment (projectors, stereo goggles, etc.) I taught myself enough OpenGL to start writing some code for it, and eventually got a job writing code for the research group that was using the equipment. Later on, I became a graduate research assistant for the same group, and went on the annual lab trip to Siggraph. In between the sessions that I was getting paid to attend, I started sneaking off to paper sessions on lighting and illumination, geometric modelling, mesh parameterization, etc., and well... I was hooked. My school was doing a lot of VR and 3D interaction research, but was not doing anything with "mainstream" graphics, which is why I'm at NYU now. I am in the master's program, but I am looking to continue on to a PhD program to persue original research. I'm taking this class to solidify my background in computer graphics -- I've learned a lot of this material informally, but I've never taken a class like this one. I've been looking forward to this class for a while. Let me know if there's any more information that you need. --Chris Logie

From arileicht <AT> Mon Sep 13 01:34:52 2004

HW1 - Why I am interested in this course: I have always been interested in both mathematical science and in artistic expression. As an undergrad I majored in English Literature and minored in Mathematics. Today I am both a computer scientist and a musician (drummer) by proffession. As I work towards my masters degree in computer science I am trying to cover a range of personally inspiring and challenging fields for potential academic research or industry work. I chose to take your Computer Graphics course because it seems to incorporate many of my interests: computer science, mathematics and visual art. For the same reason I've decided to take Java Music Systems at the Music Technology department of the Steinhardt school. If I have time this semester and if I am ready, I will be interested to explore a project which incorporates both music technology and computer graphics - perhaps a graphic image that responds to audio stimulus. I see these two fields as fundamentally related as they both deal with the digital representation of natural waveform. I look forward to this semester. My coursework will finally explore realms of direct personal interest, as apposed to previous semesters in which I had to focus on the fundamentals of computer science. Regards, Ari Leichtberg 646-256-3326 ajl263 <AT>

From mlee3 <AT> Mon Sep 13 10:28:57 2004

Hi Prof. Perlin, My name is Miri Lee and I am enrolled in your Computer Graphics course this semester. I became interested in taking this class as I have heard some good things about it from a friend of mine who took it before. He said it was informative and interesting. Also, I wanted to take the class because I myself don't have much knowledge or experience in this field. I have mostly worked on building web and database applications but I have not been exposed to rendering graphical applications or things of that sort. Miri Lee-

From tuna_ozgelen <AT> Mon Sep 13 10:56:42 2004

Dear Prof. Perlin, My interest in computer graphics began when I started my first job as a multimedia developer after college graduation. I had the opportunity to work closely with 2D graphic designers and 3D animators in my company at the time and also used some tools like Photoshop, 3D Studio max, Maya and Flash. Although my work was not focused on graphics I became familiar with some basic concepts. In addition to this opportunity, my approach to movies as a serious hobby increased my curiosity towards computer graphics and animation. Although my research interests is not directly related to Graphics, as mentioned above I was always been exposed to work where some use of graphics were involved. From these experiences I can tell that as you have said in the class, people are more open towards visually expressed ideas and concepts. In this class, I look forward to understand the fundamental concepts used in commercial graphics and animation tools as well as implementing them as a part of the coursework. Since commercial tools handle these fundamental concepts and hide them, I do not have specific topics in my mind to offer as a part of the course other than 3D modeling and rendering which as you explained are going to be covered in depth. I personally liked the idea to be graded on projects rather than exams which I believe provides ultimate understanding of the material. The way you explained that the projects will be, that is the necessity of coming up with ideas of our own therefore creating unique work, sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to it. With your guidance, at the end of this semester I hope to become able to understand and implement visual simulation tools that can help me in my following years of research. Thank you. Best Regards, Arif Ozgelen

From ganna <AT> Mon Sep 13 11:52:47 2004

Hi, I am a second year PHD student at NUY interested in formal methods, verification. I am taking the course partially out of curiosity and partially because I think it is going to be fun experience( I believe that your talks during "faculty presentations" inspired me). Even though I do not have any particular preferences, the application of computer graphics aimed to educate or explain ideas would be most useful for me. Regards, Ganna Zaks.

From glc222 <AT> Mon Sep 13 13:10:23 2004

Professor Perlin - My name is Geoffrey Catto and I am in your graduate level Computer Graphics class. I think my interests mostly in games (opposed to other media, like movies, etc.) and areas that relate directly to creating gaming environments, such as lighting and texturing. I'm also interested in knowing about anti-aliasing. Thanks, Geoffrey Catto

From lindy <AT> Mon Sep 13 16:51:24 2004

"Why are you interested in this course?" My primary interests lie in computation geometry, and I suspect that in studying computer graphics I can learn about the practical purposes for many geometrical algorithms. In the reverse direction, understanding coputer graphics may suggest areas for research in comp geo. I am also taking Professor Bregler's Computer Vision course, for the same reasons. -Jeff Lindy

From dss316 <AT> Mon Sep 13 17:21:48 2004

Name: Douglas Summers Stay What I hope to learn in computer graphics: I understand the mathematics of 3D computer graphics pretty well, but I don't know efficient ways to program them. I would really like to get to implement radiosity for a ray tracer and fast fluid-flow modeling (like Jos Stam's work presented at Siggraph.) I also hope to learn a little about programming to use the GPU for ray-tracing instead of what it was designed for. By the way, one of the main reasons I decided to attend NYU was to get the chance to work with you. I'm really looking forward to this class.

From kcc237 <AT> Mon Sep 13 19:21:44 2004

Dear Prof. Perlin, I'm Kuang-Che Cheng, Univ. ID is N17385517. Before entering this program, I got a master degree in Mathematics. My thesis is mainly about wavelets. One of the most important successful research results of wavelets is digital signal processing. Therefore, I was exposed to some DSP disciplinary in order to gain insight of wavelets. I think that's relevant to computer graphics. Furthermore, I am interested in those 3D stuff, I want to learn how to produce them by myself. According to the outline of topics you plan to cover, I'm interested in spline curves and its application in computer graphics. At the same time, I've heard ray tracing but I have no idea how it works, it will be interesting to learn it. Best regards, Kuang-Che Cheng

From greg.chang <AT> Mon Sep 13 20:55:05 2004

Dear Prof. Perlin, (HW1)I like to play some games especially the games with beautiful actions or some interactive moves that I can control. That is the main point that I take this course. I hope I can know more about how to make amazing movable graphic via using java. I expect I can learn some concepts about making 2D and 3D graphics. Sincerely, Liang-Fan Chang email: lfc220 <AT>

From lsh5912 <AT> Mon Sep 13 21:59:45 2004

Hello, Mr. Perlin. My name is Sunghee Lee from Korea. The first reason of choosing this course is that I wanna do something new on my studying. The second reason is sometimes I wonder how this fantastic 3D graphics working while playing games. My hands are very close to those 3D games, but my knowledge is not. I have no technical knowledge about computer graphics.. Actually, when I was 8 (or 9), I used 8 bit Apple computer, and made some crude pictures with HGR or GR. That's all I've done so far. Of course, I've used some graphic tools and made some GUI with language tools, but I think this is not a real GRAPHIC( I create ). Thanks, Sunghee Lee PS: Sorry for late email(assignment 0). I needed time to choose some courses.(Monday's)

From cataclyst78 <AT> Tue Sep 14 01:28:39 2004

Professor Perlin, My name is Yong Woo. I am a MSCS student. I started at NYU last Spring. I am taking full time load at NYU and working full time at a content delivery company called Zingy ( We deploy content to mobile devices, such as ringtones, wallpapers, and games to cell phones. I am taking the graphics course because my main field of interest is in multimedia and human machine interface. I have great interest in the 'human experience' and what we can do with computers to help understand ourselves better and augment our everyday experience. I am inspired by students like David Gatenby. I'm not sure if he had much interaction with you, but after graduating from NYU he's working at the media lab at MIT doing some very interesting work. I would love to learn about what kind of research he was doing at NYU. I am very excited about the course. I have over the years worked with things like Direct X and OpenGL. I am sure we'll be looking deeper into how they work versus just how to use them. I also took a seminar course in image processing back at Columbia for undergrad. My linear algebra will need some brushing up as we go on. I am also taking Vision this fall, so I'm sure the two classes will reinforce each other. Thank you for your time. See you in class. Please let me know about researches being done at NYU. I would very much love to participate. Cheers, -Yong Woo

From kol205 <AT> Tue Sep 14 05:12:47 2004

Dear Dr. Perlin, I took computer graphics and computer animation when I was an undergrad at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I really liked the courses and want to explore more in those areas. The topics I like to learn in the class are texture mapping, animation, and rendering. I would also like to learn more about the artistic issues that I felt was missing from the courses in my undergrad classes. My previous professors basically just assumed we have background in the arts and wanted to see interesting scenes without much help at all. I suppose this maybe more suitably addressed in an art class, but I thought it wouldn't hurt for me to mention here. Sincerely, Kwok On Lau

From jleejleejleejlee <AT> Tue Sep 14 07:47:45 2004

Hi Professor Perlin, Well my interest in Computer Graphics started when I took your class as an undergrad. I am interested in user interfaces and making computers easier to use. And I try to understand the sophisticated graphics used in movies and video games. I want to spend time doing programming homeworks and projects so I gain the knowledge and confidence to attempt more advanced computer graphics. The topic list you have put on the web sounds like a lot of fun. Two topics that I would like to be covered in more depth is lighting, aesthetics of lighting, color, and the advanced kind even if is a short description -- I always found that you are able to explain complex concepts in a relatively simple manner. And others in no particular order of interest image based rendering, procedural textures and animtation, and high dynamic range imaging. Looking foward to the class. Thank you. John Lee

From syy216 <AT> Tue Sep 14 09:20:50 2004

Hello, Professor! My name is Sun_Young Youn and SID is 992277092. I'm a foreign student from South KOREA and This is my third semester in NEW YORK Univ. for a master degree. I'm very 'EXCITING' Because I'll take a class taught by the one of the greatest Maestro in the field of Computer Graphics. Since I met computer, I have been a game monster. Now I don't have a lot of time to play games. Anyway, I often wondered that how they made it when I saw a 3D graphics in computer games. How did they made a 3-dimension space in 2-dimension flat monitor. So this class is a great chance to know about it and I will study as hard as I can. thank you. Sincerely yours. Sun Young Youn

From franzjain <AT> Tue Sep 14 11:44:57 2004

Dear Professor: I take this class because I think that rendering data with graphics is a powerful and interesting way. In the field of computer game, good computer graphics attracts players more. In the fields of business and others that need a way to express data, show the data with computer graphics having the advantages of clear and fast. Therefore, I choose this class. Best regards, Chien, Chia-Liang

From seva <AT> Tue Sep 14 14:31:27 2004

Prof. Perlin, My name is Seva Petrov and I'm in my second year of the MSCS program at Courant. My principal reason for taking the class is simple: graphics is an area I know next to nothing about and would love to understand what goes on behind the scenes. A friend of mine also enthusiastically recommended your course as both fun and challenging, a rare combination that merits a closer look. Best, Seva

From hc294 <AT> Tue Sep 14 15:19:50 2004

My name is Henry I took motion capture last semester, i find MC and computer graphics very interesting. Especially want to know 3D game and special movie effect is being done. I would like to learn more computer graphic des ign to give my web site more visualized and special effect.

From tm686 <AT> Tue Sep 14 15:25:11 2004

Dear Professor, My name is Takashi Mizohata. I'm not a CS student. I belong to Interactive Telecommunication Program of Tisch School of the Art. I think my school mainly deals with communication on the network, but not focusing on how the data goes across (technical), but what the people can express (artistic). But in my opinion, a person knows much about the form of the expression, can delivery her/his idea much more fluently and efficiently than the others. That's why I take this course. I'm interested in visualization of data. I hope to know the basic idea and the way of handling it. Sincerely --Takashi Mizohata

From lhc222 <AT> Tue 14 Sep 2004

Hi Professor Perlin, I choose this course simply becaues I'm a fan of science fiction movies. I'm interested to know the theories behind the splendid computer generated animation. The applications toward medical usages also attract me to this course. I've heard many positive feedbacks from some students who took your course. Based on these reasons I certainly decide to take your course. Thanks, Li-Heng Chen

From hlh217 <AT> Tue Sep 14 15:27:01 2004

Dear Ken, I am a beginer in this field. So by taking this course I can learn all the basic concepts in this field and also I think it will be very interesting. Hsiao-Lan

From cchristoforos <AT> Tue Sep 14 16:35:04 2004

Hey, Homework 0 :d I am interested in computer vision,image processing and computer graphics since the three are related in some sense. I already took like 2 graphics classes (1 undergrad, one grad). I would mostly be interested in the game development part of the graphics, and creating cool animations. Christoforos Christoforou

From hammond <AT> Tue Sep 14 17:05:08 2004

Professor perlin, As per your instructions last week I am writing to describe myself and background. I am a math PhD candidate in courant, currently starting my 4th year. I am working with Eero Simoncelli, doing image processing and image representation, some of what you described as '2d graphics' on the first class. I've been working a fair amount with multiscale/wavelet decompositions. I'm interested in taking the course to get exposure to different ways of thinking about images, also texture modelling is something that people in the simoncelli lab have done a lot with, so I'm interested in finding out about other approaches to that. -David Hammond

From wew201 <AT> Tue Sep 14 17:53:02 2004

Prof. Perlin- My name is William Wehner, I am a student in your Computer Graphics class. I am taking this class because I have always been interested in the algorithms and programming behind popular animation programs such as Director, Flash, and Maya. Also, I feel that I will learn a lot from this class, since the most graphics I probably have ever programmed was for a video game in assembly as an undergraduate student! Also, I would like to learn more about "graphic engines" and how these are designed to provide and control the graphics and movements in popular 3D games such as Doom. Regards, Will Wehner

From marco <AT> Tue Sep 14 22:42:55 2004

Well I'm a little late ... I am interested in graphics... I was an artmajor in college, and even have an mfa, have done interactive intallations, now am in the first semester of the first year MSCS. I have to say that I am happy that you are treating the big picture, not just cool things moving on a screen, or different techniques for photorealistic rendering. I'm excited to do the homeworks, good sign I guess ... -- Marco

From ccp252 <AT> Wed Sep 15 22:09:23 2004

Ken, It was nice meeting you today. Here is a statement about why I am taking your graphics class: In terms of my experience, I have done a bit of facial animation, some flash, and lot of gui work. My primary interests are in Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life, both of which will rely heavily on computer graphics for communication with the user. In the former case, graphs of data and the structure eg of decision trees or interconnected modules of code can be much more effective, and communicate much more per unit time and screen area, with proper choice of graphical representation. In the latter case, the world that the agents inhabit is completely synthesized, as are the agents themselves. Having these be more realistic (or meaningfully stylized) can aid human observers to understand that world and the behavior of the agents. It can also affect the way the inhabitants learn and subsequently react to features in their environment. At a higher level, graphics just seem like an integral building block in the repertoire of anyone designing computer systems with user interaction. And finally, sometimes I just like to build cool stuff for the sake of art, and this class will give me fresh fodder for that pursuit. Chris

From ane208 <AT> Wed Sep 15 23:12:03 2004

Mr. Perlin, I am a first year PhD student at the NYU Computer Science department. I have decided to register for the course today, after yesterdays lecture, which was really fun. However, I am not sure whether it is a good idea to send this email after the deadline. I am interested in 3D model based computer vision, pattern and image recognition and I think an understanding of computer graphics is necessary to look at these subjects from a different perspective. Regards, Ayse Naz Erkan