Texture and Shape Synthesis on Surfaces

Lexing Ying      Aaron Hertzmann      Henning Biermann      Denis Zorin

Media Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University


We present a novel method for texture synthesis on surfaces from examples. We consider a very general type of textures, including color, transparency and displacements. Our method synthesizes the texture directly on the surface, rather than synthesizing a texture image and then mapping it to the surface. This approach avoids many problems associated with texture mapping, such as seams, distortion, and repeating patterns. The synthesized textures have the same qualitative visual appearance as the example texture, and cover the surfaces seamlessly, without distortion. We describe two synthesis methods, based on the work of Wei and Levoy and Ashikhmin; our techniques produce similar results but directly on surfaces.

EGWR 2001 paper: 300dpi PDF (4MB)

Project Page: Multiresolution Surfaces and Surface Processing

Sample Images (click on images for high resolution)

Flower texture Flower torus Bumpy texture Bumpy object
Nut texture Bronze cow Wicker texture Wicker ball
Water texture
Sea horse
Line texture Zebra dog

Copyright © 2001 Lexing Ying, Aaron Herzmann, Henning Biermann, Denis Zorin

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