Artistic Multiprojection Rendering

Appears in Eurographics Rendering Workshop 2000

Maneesh Agrawala Computer Graphics Laboratory, Stanford University
Denis Zorin Media Research Laboratory, New York University
Tamara Munzner Computer Graphics Laboratory, Stanford University


In composing hand-drawn images of 3D scenes, artists often alter the projection for each object in the scene independently, thereby generating multiprojection images. We present an interactive tool for creating such multiprojection images and animations, consisting of two parts: a multiprojection rendering algorithm and an interactive interface for attaching local cameras to the scene geometry. We describe a new set of techniques for resolving visibility between geometry rendered with different local cameras. We also develop several camera constraints that are useful when initially setting local camera parameters and when animating the scene. We demonstrate applications of our methods for generating a variety of artistic effects in still images and in animations.

Eurographics Rendering Workshop 2000 paper
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